How the Process Works

How the
Process Works


The client receives the application form, agency agreement and general info

When Aupairs Exclusive receives the completed form, up to 3 suitable cv’s are sent to the client

Supporting documents like certificates and written references are also sent

The client then reviews the cv’s and notifies the agency who they would like to meet


Aupairs Exclusive will arrange the interviews

Candidates go to the client be it at their home, work or coffee shop

It is recommended that all three candidates are interviewed

There are no interview fees charged

It is to the clients discretion if they would like to give candidates transport money

Aupairs Exclusive will follow up with both candidates and clients after the interview


Should the client want to offer the position to a candidate they will notify the agency

A confirmation of employment form is completed by the client

The form is then sent to the candidate to sign to show acceptance of the offer

The client is then invoiced and payment is due within maximum of 7 days , before the candidate begins working

An employment contract is sent to the client who makes final changes according to their circumstances

Final supporting documents are supplied.

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