Basic Childcare Course

This is a one day course ideal for childminders who need a refresher or for domestic
workers who have worked with children but would like some type of formal but basic

Just about every childminder has children of her own but she needs to be taught how to do
things in a manner that is acceptable in the homes of an employee.
The candidate will receive a certificate and notes and we take a photo of each candidate
and place it on our Facebook page for easy reference so that clients can go back and
reference a candidate. This helps to identify a candidate and eliminate the fake certificates.

The course covers the following topics:

* Equipment in the house for babies and how to use it ( we have actual samples)
* How to feed and burp a baby
* Common childhood illness’s like reflux and colic
* How to change a nappy ( we have the ladies demonstrate this )
* Hygiene in the home
* Stimulation for babies and toddlers ( we give a list of ideas and recommend books )
* Safety in the car
* How to bath a bath
* How to handle a crying baby
* What to pack in a nappy bag
* When to wean a child and what type of food to start feeding a toddler and what not to
* Standard rules for a childminder
* Each section also has pointers specifically for twins and triplets ( for example they will be
told how to handle twins at bath time on their own )
* Potty training
* Discipline – how to do it

We DO NOT do first aid, however the images are in the notes for the candidates to refer to
if needed.

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